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Everyone needs to relax when it comes to Zach Wilson

@ScottHevel @Jase2542 @GrahamBarfield @DBro_FFB Did you see Josh Allen’s rookie season? What about how Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Mac Jones, Trey Lance, and Justin Fields all look like dog shit. Give them the benefit of the doubt or move on now?

Zach Wilson Illusions Rookie Refractor Take for $1

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'Unflappable': Despite his early struggles, Zach Wilson still looks like a franchise QB to his teammates and coaches on the Jets ...

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Zach Wilson is so much better than Josh Allen in madden. I don’t know why

RAZZ Zach Wilson Prizm Multi-color set. $8 @ 10 spots does not include one touch @Matt03965023 @sports_sell @Hobby_Connect @HobbyConnector @MDRANSOM1 @himynameisben06 @FastBreakCards @DJSchrum2 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

@Mojitos_N_Megas @JOKERSTRIBE That might be the favorite card in my entire collection right now. It’s so smooth looking. Need Zach Wilson to turn into Herbert though for a pay day lol

I know he’s a Mormon and all but Zach Wilson really oughta try this for actual games

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@m4gbit @JimWill74826313 @CriddleBenjamin You think puka plays last year with zach wilson throwing him the rock playing a very weak schedule be slightly different?????? Mountain west my guy. Come on. Far different comparison

@FanDuel @gabbgoudy Not too basic I’m not high on Zach Wilson but any of the 3 could be better then Trevor especially fields and Jones. I’d honestly be surprised if there not better than Trevor.

Zach Wilson has an elite release and one of the best in football yet I’ve never seen him use it at all this season on short quick throws. Jets need to get him in rhythm and use his release in the short passing game

@FairviewFB answers Westlake’s opening touchdown drive with one of their own, capped on a 3 yard scamper into the endzone by Zach Wilson Nemeth PAT ties it at 7 with 3:33 to play in the opening quarter

We couldn’t even get Zach Wilson if we lost to Washington lol. They just be talking Also stand by us drafting Isaiah Simmons the year prior but yea…

@StrawhatBoofy you do the same thing for Zach Wilson lol


Everyone hating on Zach Wilson already but let's put the guy on a team with a line and a slew of receivers like Burrow, Dak, Patty, Allen, etc have in front of them

@JetsTheory Agree 100% The only thing is with Marcus Maye we probably wouldn’t get much in return just because of his current legal situation. But I do agree go get Zach Wilson a TE I think OL won’t change much until next year.

Highest graded rookie Quarterbacks through five weeks 🥇 Mac Jones - 73.5 🥈 Zach Wilson - 59.4 🥉 Trey Lance - 59.0

I hope one day we can look back at Zach Wilson and say "he could throw a strawberry through a battleship" too 🤞🤞 #Jets #TakeFlight #NFL

- How can Zach Wilson fix his mechanics? - What schematic changes must Mike LaFleur make to aid Wilson? @Joerb31 reviews the biggest takeaways on film from the #Jets' loss to the Falcons 📲…

Live look at my fantasy hopes after drafting Zach Wilson @imPULSEivity

**Chiefs improve to 4-3, Zach Wilson throws for 389 yards and 4 Touchdowns. Titans drop to 2-4.**

We gonna have to hear about how joe Douglas ruined Zach Wilson again 😭…

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