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ongoing Isiah Thomas narratives are so wild to me... Perk has him ranked 13th. Why? How? Perk was FIVE YEARS OLD when Isiah won his last title.. Still talks all the time about Zeke's game like he witnessed it as an adult. Please tell me what he's basing his 'analysis' on?…

@ezk_zeke Yeah I know it can be expensive where you are. But paying for the vibe not the property. I couldn’t live in a city now. Freak me out Zeke. I like ‘quiet’ uno.

@MatthewBerryTMR In real leagues he’s already been picked up

Já que Shingeki tá voltando no hype agr com o anúncio da continuação da última season, fiz aqui meu top5 melhores personagens. Façam aí se quiserem: Top5 1 - Erwin 2 - Reiner 3 - Zeke 4 - Armin 5 - Hange

@kylelambertkc @ezk_zeke Zeke has banker hours…he’s out. I work for a bank and still working til7 🤣🤣🤣🤣

@AgitoSwiftly Oh yeah, a searchable Kaiju is a pretty strong card, no matter how ya slice it. Lore wise, I've got a feeling it's either a fully equipped, or companion mech to, Zeke.

and even tho zeke pretty much debunked that whole ackerbond thing eren still felt the need to ask mikasa that question. just proves how much he hates himself honestly....

@Daniel_Domador ultimate as in final and it’s nice to use terms such as human nature but these are literary terms and zeke is the last antagonist of the story

pulling for childe let’s see how this goes

cant even remember probably saying zeke was ugly tho…

@ezk_zeke Yay, just got home from work. Let's see... it's 4 p.m. your time.. you better sill be at work so I can snicker at you. 😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

@JC_MAGA10 Arm yourself American's for self protection while you still can!!…

The thread is well constructed, although I don't agree with much of it... but calling Zeke the "Ultimate Antagonist" is too much. He hardly occupies that role. The great antagonist of this story is human nature....and the Titans themselves.…

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