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アルテミス「アローラのトレーナーさんって私を初め皆、ベッドフェチなのよね。 カキさん家のベッドはちょっと湿ってたし、ライチさんの部屋のベッドは岩タイプ使いらしく硬めで寝やすくて、スイレンのベッドは横に成ると潮風に包まれた様な心地がするのよ」 クレシア「うわあ…」 ゾロ「うわあ…」

If you was a #Pokemon gym leader what type of gym would you run? Personally I would go dark type with my zoroark at the helm! #PokemonShiningPearl #PokemonGO #PokemonBrilliantDiamond

ティアラ的な頭防具なかったっけ。 ミラプリに必要。

a lot of them are also definitely straight.

back to my periodic tweet where i roll my eyes (while liking) all the “the category is” tweets because i know 90% of the people using that phrase don’t know it originates from black queer ballroom culture.

Hmmm I was going to write a Pokémon AU~ and I thought making Louis and Leon a Espeon and Meowstic, because though… — i’m so fucking obsessed with meowstic it’s not funny. but i very much stick to my poison opinion.…

@manimanikakaka まにすらさん!フォロバ有り難う御座いますー!🐺✨ オイラもポケマスはやってるから、宜しくねー!✨🐺✨

yet another anon kindly asking for writing tips? how do you even start? i have this problem that i don't want to… — writing is a skill like any other—you have to work at it constantly in order to get better at it! you won’t like ……

@jkaycave I’ve gotten like 4 5*s before this screenshot but none of them were focus 😔

オミクロン㈱って会社絶対あるでしょ まずいですよ風評被害とかなりそうで

If Ten were a Pokémon trainer what type Pokémon do you think he team would be? — poison. poison type. his partner is roserade.…

Have you thought about johnwin? I think our boy Johnny wouldn’t know how to act in front of Sicheng. — i’ve actually written johnwin before!! i love them and you’re very correct…

Hendery is a Godzilla fucker — hendery thinks he’s me. i’m the chief godzilla fucker in charge.…

J'ai envoyé Zoroark récupérer mon colis à ma place Flemme d'aller moi même à la poste…

@tokumori_kaisen Motherly Zoroark is always a good friend to a human trainer.

세레비랑 친하지는 않다.

@akumalinoone ill pick one being either Zoroark or Thievul >w>

this fat fucking zoroark walked into my house, called me a bitch, stole my goldfish, and left. what the fuck did she do before that…

BW2の頃のN様は殿堂入り後のイベントで最初はゼクロムかレシラムが手持ちの、後はNの城で春は雨パ、夏は晴れパ、秋は砂嵐パ、んで冬は霰パと、天候を味方に付けて戦うレベルも77~75と高い6体のフルバトルが出来るんだ。 この頃の天候起動特性は永続だったから、上書き出来なきゃ苦戦は免れないよ

@FlyFeline youtube wants some of that tiktok dollar

Tagged by Caww 🐸 Top 5 Pokemon (caveat: no starters) 1. Meowth (all forms) 2. Nickit 3. Hisui Zoroark 4. Ninetales (both forms) 5. Cursola Not gonna tag people but do this if u like…

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