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Todo pintaba bien, pero ahora solo 15% de carga y sin luz por culpa de un idiota que se estrelló con el poste. 🤦🏻‍♂️

C’est vrai que l’IOS 15 nique les batteries ?👀

iOS 15 settings you need to turn off now to save money | ZDNet…


I haven't updated to ios15 bc I have no storage. My solution is just to buy a new phone

iOS15 업데이트 후 PDF 깨져보이는 증상이 보인다고 하던데 앱 개발사들이 발빠르게 대처중인듯.

@CooperloAlice E io apprezzo tantissimo! Quello sull'impegno non era ironico

finally updated my phone to ios 15 😈

Uy ang ganda ng update ng ios15. Ngayon ko lang naappreciate

Dropping 1 invite at :15 (2 mins) Be logged in here beforehand!

i finally managed to install ios 15 and now my phone is so hot it feels like it’s going to explode in my hand


también pero hace dos semanas me fije quw tenía 96% solo actualicé a ios15 y me bajó los 2%

By the way… Crowsflight, which we made in 2011 still works on iOS 15 😳

@LouGirardiReal @winter01107 15.000 follower nemmeno un like, sei ignorato da tutti ormai ,ma te lo do io il like perche ' fai pena

iOS 15 clean but why does Apple always come late to the party on certain things?

la gente sta dietro ad uno di quei coglioni che per attirare qualche tipa dicono di farsi di cannoni ascoltando i legno e frah quintale quando domani alle 15 c'è spezia-salernitana, io veramente non lo so

@AllTrails Hey, your app is unusable after the update. It freezes, just bricks. What’s up? iOS 15.1. iPhone 10. Please fix it. I want to go hiking!

General ED lied! iOS 15 that can’t allow you reply messages from Notification Center and SMS OTP/codes don’t automatically show in keyboard 😭💔💔…

🔥🔥 Automated Hourly $AAPL 🍎 Sentiment Report (📈 / 📉) 🔥🔥 1. Product Series Reviews: #iPhones 47/69 #Mac #Macbook 89/118 #iPad 68/44 #AppleWatch 43/100 #MacOS #iOS 58/30 General #Apple Products 63/100 2. Company News: 50/100 3. Social Media: 61/51 10/15/2021 23:07 UTC

@superdouglas105 @h164kom そのままのOSでということじゃなくて、前の機種にも新OSを提供するかどうかっていうこと。 アップルさんはそのへんがしっかりしていて、iPhone6sやらSE(第1世代)にも最新のiOS15が提供されてる。 Androidの大半の機種はOSバージョンアップは2年ないしは2回まで。 完全に放置される機種も。

Did @YouTube have dark mode before the #iOS15 update or an I loosing the plot? #darkmode

kalimot ko na giupdate nakog ios 15 akong cp gabii--pag mata nako, kuyaw kuyawan nako sa mga na bag-o 😀

ゴーカイジャーは永遠に色褪せることの無い名作です。 こんなに好きになれる戦隊、たぶん今後ないんだろうなぁ😌 テン・ゴーカイジャー、すっごい楽しみです! #テン・ゴーカイジャー…

Pronto llegaría la primer gran actualización de iOS 15…

play Easy On Me using the rain sound effect on iOS 15 … you’ll thank me later 😩😍

iOS 15 is now remembering what I had playing on CarPlay, mixcloud, podcasts, audible, audiobooks. Everything seems to be working thank you for the fix!…


NEW Install AltStore For IOS 15.0.2 - 15/14/13 NO Jailbreak NO Revoke iphone/ipad/ipod tauch 2021🔝

YO I am working on an important project and need people with the following devices THAT MUST UPDATE AND ON IOS 15: iPhone 6 iPhone 7 iPhone 8 iPhone X I just need a SCREEN RECORDING inside CALL OF DUTY MOBILE for less than a minute, and I'll pay you $15. DM ME IF YOU HAVE ONE!

y’all like ios 15 orrrrr?

iOS15 pq você tirou a opção de responder pela barra de notificações 😭

SmarTEN up and ensure your iPhone’s privacy and security. Check out and follow these hacks on the iOS 15 to make sure your device is always protected. 🔒✅

Mail-Box filled over 85 percent at 15-Oct-2021 23:00:26

n entendi pq pela primeira vez na historia a apple escondeu o update do iOS 15 deixando meio q opcional

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