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@kittypurrzog @joerogan Funny to me how the lgbt community wants tolerance, yet shows none to those who don't agree with them.

ALERTA ROJA: Google oculta información sobre la muerte de las vacunas, Joe Rogan advierte y utiliza Duck Duck Go…

If you still like Joe Rogan you need help

@BannanaHamma @BretWeinstein @joerogan Yes, I am glad to live in a first world country that puts the safety and health of its citizens in high regard. Let us know how it goes in the Third World country that you live in

@kittypurrzog @joerogan A whole bunch of Karen’s and Craig’s out there, no one will know who you are. Enjoy talking around the dinner table acting like you changed someone’s life. The special was hilarious, I bet 75% of the Karen’s and Craig’s didn’t even watch the special.

@kittypurrzog @joerogan I get offended by chapelle ever single special. Love it! That’s the point.

@KeithOlbermann @joerogan Look at how excited Keith is that he got Joe’s attention. Hahahaha

@Leatherneck @ke11ybender @joerogan The purpose is not egotistical, the goal is to decrease disease burden. Most people don’t realize that infections have remote consequences well outside the acute phase of illness. In most cases vaccination prevents this.

@kittypurrzog @joerogan The Closer was a waste of time. This is 10x funnier.

@kittypurrzog @joerogan Such a tolerant group of male's and females

@kittypurrzog @joerogan Let um leave! @netflix if u need any new designers my DMs are open.

@kittypurrzog @joerogan Smh..sooooo picketing now? Bc of feelings? Society is done

@chicagobroski1 @Sevronosaurus @DeccMatebuddy @MeghanMcCain @ShellenbergerMD @joerogan @ThomasSowell We don't pretend he doesn't exist, we just don't find a tepid barely-average economist worth mentioning. It's the that tokenizes him for his skin. I guess it's sort of funny when he accidentally describes capitalism when trying to demonize anything left of George W Bush, though.

@mrobmused @drsanjaygupta @joerogan Explain the danger. Tell me about how it was so reckless of Joe that he suffered harm because of how he treated the Covid. Go ahead, I will wait.

Ive been listening to Joe rogan podcast since i was in grade 7 lol all from being a die hard ufc fan

@kittypurrzog @joerogan Lots of unemployed people need jobs now that netflix has openings

@TimJDillon @joerogan S*** right around the time Mike pence came out as gay. How weird

@drsanjaygupta @joerogan They tried to get you to turn it down because they knew the truth would be spoken and you would have no ability to deny it. #itsnotjustahorsewormer #itsforhumans #itworks #TESTANDTREAT #joeateyouup

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