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🎥 Working!! Big Season. It’s about being explosive on the wing and creating space and opportunities.

@Frediculous But it’s not? Unless they’re privy to very recent data. Divorce rates have been steadily declining tho.…

@aidsapev If only we were a little more loyal as a fanbase. Our selfishness held the offense to 50 total yards in the second half last Saturday. I’m embarrassed.

@ApustajaCozy Definitely. Saving all those $10 here and $20 there really make up for the extra 300,000 on that house that was 300,000 just a decade ago. Not to mention the 7% interest rate that makes a single-family home of 5 cost $5,000 a month.

That’s cool, just gotta hope the fantasy squad is 2-2 for the return.…

If it feels like Google results are mostly ads these days, well……

@aidsapev The end is arriving much more quickly than anticipated. We’ve seen this so many times before.

It sounds like the owner has decided for Jed lol…

Not sure if you’ve seen but the bots and fake accounts are worse than ever @elonmusk

@caidenj29 @PatMcAfeeShow @KirkHerbstreit I’ve never seen WSU “beat the breaks” off anyone relevant ever.

No surprise NBA Twitter doesn’t know who he is but Vassell has been better than expected as a late lottery pick.…

@GQue2_1911 Lambchops tough as hell. Such a letdown after living in Detroit the last 3 years.

@Ethan_Sewell_ Somehow we always reach this point. We can’t ever have a normal season. It’s wild.

@NolanArenado28_ Not people thinking this is a real account 😭

@JacobPadilla_ Unbelievable breakdown with immaculate detail!! This is awesome!!

This team is in a position to start competing for division titles next year.…

@Ayo_TTime9 It's kinda crazy how much better our End play has been than our interior. Even Justin Mascoll...I don't feel like I know when Tyler Davis or Payton Page are on the field. They been crazy quiet this season.

@literaryeric His lawyer forgot to check the box, so he's getting a bench trial at the behest of his own legal team's filing.

@JeremiahBucha15 @JennyMaher18 @Veretax @ABC When no reputable lawyer will take you and your requirement is for a lawyer to bow down to you instead of tell you what you need to do, you get what you get.

@godlywomanhood Can we marvel at this woman having a voice here to tell us giving women a voice was a mistake? In essence, she's saying, you shouldn't listen to me. I can get behind the message in this specific instance.

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