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@ScottFish24 Full Ppr.. I know Hollywood is supposed to play but with reports of hammy has me worried.

Healthy Bucks are the real deal, but I think I’m taking a healthy Nets team over them. Then again, like the Clippers, are we expecting to see 90-100 games of Kyrie, KD and Simmons?

Love the idea of Wall, George, Kawhi. The team has championship-level wings (which is key unless your have Step + Klay) and defense, but expecting those dudes to last seven months and then the playoffs?

Rewatching this Wizards-Warriors preseason game. If Jordan Poole can play just average defense and they stay healthy, GS has to be the favorites.

Up bright and early for *checks notes* work and Andy Dalton v. Kirk Cousins.

@skotizhoe Some of us exercise just enough to keep our dad bods though

@WVU1476 I am not affiliated with anyone. Lol

@chaneybrad They transferred out already anyways.

@jeff_ruff Next year it'll be "we had to rebuild the defense"

In now his 4th season at WVU, Neal Brown has won 19 games. 4 of those are against FCS Opponents, so he has won 15 FBS games.


@jeff_ruff Why people are worried about another rebuild when we already suck anyways is beyond me.

@Slmang06 His staff is paid handsomely to coach THEIR recievers to not drop passes. Drops were not an issue before 2019.

@TomMott65782530 @DeweseSteve How am I an asshole? I supported Coach Brown til I watched Kansas score at will on us just recently.

@qshironalbertie I’m not sure what he’s angry about lol

@TomMott65782530 But we weren't. We were 6-7 and scored 6 points in a bowl game. Now we are 2-3 and look unprepared.

@TomMott65782530 We are competing as if we are in a rebuild lol. We are sitting at 2-3.

The final score is 38-20, but make no mistake, Texas straight Dominated this game. West Virginia was not prepared to play football for the ENTIRE 1st half.

@PennsylvaniEER So did they last season when we beat em.

@i_hate_pitt Yep, amazing sneaky call by Brown down 38-20.

Tyler Davis has blown up every screen they’ve tried

Myles Murphy über außen und Tyler Davis mit Arm Over innen kriegen die Pocket zu kollabieren, schlagen quasi zeitgleich bei Leary ein. Insb. Murphy heute bei jedem Play eine Gefahr. Was ein Talent.

Clemson iDL Tyler Davis is a potential Top-50 pick. Nice swim move to get home on Leary.

This is the wild college football game everyone is referring to, right?…

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