@Pete_Martuneac @n0t_pop My entire point was we just group shorter WR as slot guys for no reason. Watch him play

@n0t_pop @Pete_Martuneac Zay Flowers IS Tyreek Hill was never once said and my point is wouldn’t another WR who fits Fields playstyle the best be ideal?

@ilananalytics @Pete_Martuneac What do u mean he “is Tyreek hill” you haven’t elaborated on that yet and that seems like our only point of contention lol

@ilananalytics @Pete_Martuneac Once again you’re just Lmaoing without answering me…

@n0t_pop @ilananalytics @Pete_Martuneac He's saying lmao cuz nothing you're saying is backed up by tape or anything really. Genuinely just talking out your ass

@TezKnowsBall @n0t_pop @Pete_Martuneac But I said smaller WR Tyreek Hill can play outside so CLEARLY I said Zay Flowers is Tyreek Hill 😭