Sooo Season 3 means I’m basically a cooking pro right? 👩🏻‍🍳 Join me in the kitchen for the return of Selena + Chef- premiering October 28 on @hbomax

Excited to be joining @selenagomez in the kitchen for Season 3 of Selena + Chef show!!! Catch the premiere on October 28 on @hbomax!…

@jamieoliver @selenagomez @hbomax Jamie. Your career has taken you to some unique places affording you chances to experience so many people & places. I feel you are very deserving. Enjoy the ride! Wishing you a million more fun times to celebrate going forward.

@jamieoliver @selenagomez @hbomax Hi Jamie Oliver does a tomato sauce sandwich count as one of my 5 a day please respond?

@jamieoliver @SelOnTheBrain @selenagomez @hbomax Can’t wait !! Been a fan of urs for so long ☺️ So glad u also joining Selena ❣️