Jay is excited to share the winner of The Peninsula Classics #BestoftheBest2020 Award is the 1954 Ferrari 750 Monza featuring coachwork by Scaglietti. It’s a pleasure to be a judge this year. Congratulations to the owners #penmoments @PeninsulaHotels (Photo Copyright Jay Miller)

@jayleno @PeninsulaHotels Jay, I wish someone with the cars here were not left to rust in the yards where they are of the golden years in Florida,

@Katakoyzenos_1 @jayleno @PeninsulaHotels That’s built into Florida, don’t try to interrupt its natural habitat.

@drewin2021 @jayleno @PeninsulaHotels White and race and factions they don't help man kind to live in peace. And stop slottering horses. And harassing people who grow there own food