Jay Leno is a judge for The Peninsula Classics #BestoftheBest2020 Award with The @PeninsulaHotels. Check out these incredible nominated cars. #penmoments

@jayleno @PeninsulaHotels Miss You on The Tonight Show!!!!! You Were Great & Non-Political! Enjoy judging the car show!

@jayleno @PeninsulaHotels Thank God I can watch Headlines on YouTube, need those laughs👍

@jayleno @PeninsulaHotels Wow, these are just gorgeous!!....Love your car show, Jay & still so grateful to you for when you had our CelebriDucks on The Tonight Show. I thought you would enjoy seeing the Amphicars that we make for The Boathouse on the Disney property in green, blue, & red. Very cool cars!

@jayleno @PeninsulaHotels I’d rather watch him apologize for the years he spent profiting off of the pernicious, misogynistic verbal abuse of women. But that’s just me, I guess.

@jayleno @PeninsulaHotels sorry for the pick probably in the wrong spot new to Twitter learning to navigate

@jayleno @PeninsulaHotels I have a 1962 plymouth Belvidere 2 door I would like to sell. Contact me back if you're interested. Odometer shows around 46 k miles slant 6,3 in the tree.