@jayleno @BanfieldonNN @TVAshleigh Jay. I love ya but how old is that photo? Air brushed too. Lol. Come on, man. Steve Middletown RI. - Hey neighbor!

@jayleno @BanfieldonNN @TVAshleigh I'm still seeking 2 be rich will u help in someway PO box 694 Sheridan OR 97378

@jayleno @BanfieldonNN @TVAshleigh Are you gonna be a guest host weather man Jay? You know, David Letterman used to do that!😂

@jayleno @BanfieldonNN @TVAshleigh I like for you to see, Rick888888, I hope I got it right but there are movies from way back from the 1920s to the 1800s and it shows most of the vehicles that you have and I'm a follower of yours and I'm also like to see films like that. Give me a reply.