I had a sit down chat on my friend @KevinHart4real’s talk show. We had a good time with some fine Australian water. My episode of #HartToHeart is streaming now on @peacocktv!

@jayleno @KevinHart4real @peacocktv So glad I was able to meet you! It was truly an honor to see your show and talk cars with you for a few minutes. 🙂

@jayleno @KevinHart4real @peacocktv I'm going to watch, so will mu Aunt Georgia!! She watches everything you do!!!

@jayleno @KevinHart4real @peacocktv ✨🔊 It's great to heard some great names Richard Pryor, Johnny Carson, Red Foxx 👏🏽🥛💦 Sean Connery, Arsenio Hall, Cathy Lee Crosby🎉 #MakeShowBusinessMoneyAndLiveANormalLife - @jayleno#WalkYourOwnBeat -@KevinHart4real

@jayleno @KevinHart4real @peacocktv PLEASE help @KSAnimalRescue! The founder, #CharlotteMaxwellJones, desperately needs donations to rescue dogs from Kabul ASAP w/help from @VetSheepdogsUS. Please urge people to donate & tag POTUS, VP, news outlets, celebs, etc. on Twitter. Info also at @SPCAINT #operationhercules

@jayleno But isn’t Australian water just regular water harvested from the Australian ocean 🌊 🤔?