Excited to be guest hosting @KellyClarksonTV tomorrow! Tune in!

@jayleno @KellyClarksonTV that looks like a good episode what did you drive to the set tho 🤔

@jayleno @KellyClarksonTV Kelly out here supporting other women 😈 thank you…

@jayleno @KellyClarksonTV I so miss Jay every evening....such a great guy, an amazingly funny man, and who was also kind enough to feature our CelebriDucks on The Tonight Show. He even bought the James Brown. So grateful for this man!

@jayleno @youbetyourlife @KellyClarksonTV Jay Leno is hilarious!! I’m going to have to see him do standup at that comedy club in Burbank sometime.

@jayleno @kellyclarksonTV Better watch out @kellyclarkson he will be stealing your show and telling the crowd to not blame you for the job loss.