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@jayleno @Dodge Well hell. That’s a good deal. About like 👍👇this.

@jayleno @Dodge Thanks for posting the information , for the great chance to enter a sweet muscle car! @jayleno

@jayleno @Dodge I don't know if you will see this, but thank you for helping people Jay. I just the the latest episode of JLG, and you are a hell of a man..We met years ago met years ago at the Rock Store with your Turbine bike. Hilarious then, but could tell you are a good dude. Cheers.

@jayleno @Dodge Here is a first responder that just retired last week, he would deserve the NEW DODGE @MateoCruz79

@jayleno @Dodge Mr. Jayleno I have a 98 yr old lady that has a few cars she wants to sell 1 is a 1904 Reo 2nd 1920 premier 3rd 51 Benz if u would be interested

@jayleno @Dodge Merry Christmas to you and the Mrs Jay! 🎄🎅

@jayleno @Dodge Thank you for the #bobsagat segment Jay. Bob will be sorely missed and the two of you has such a great time filming that episode.

@jayleno @Dodge I just downloaded Twitter and I just wanted to tell you I have some old BSA motorcycles that my dad owned and I want to get rid of them to someone that could use them. One is a 60 or 61 goldenflash other frame is 56 bsa I think Lots of parts for free! Love your show!!

@jayleno @Dodge Seen you at parxs casino best show I was in second row .I didn't get to ask question like where was Kevin he was in Philadelphia