Excited to be back guest hosting @KellyClarksonTV tomorrow! Tune in!

@jayleno @KellyClarksonTV And we are excited to see you back!. Your humor is much like mine, people pay to hear and see you while in my case they might pay to make me stop. 🤣

@jayleno @KellyClarksonTV How about some headlines or some dollar store. Or maybe some weddings

@jayleno @KellyClarksonTV I have a great car story for you…you were there when the LeMans winning 300SL W194 #7 sold at auction.

@jayleno @KellyClarksonTV So good Jay. Miss you on T.V Homie. Garage kicks.

@jayleno @KellyClarksonTV OMG !! I MISS YOU ON #TONITESHOW ! YOU’VE STILL IT!! I know you’re prob happier doing your #JayLenoGarage than you were on #latenite …… but ..just KNOW…YOU are greatly missed! Loved you on #KellyClarkson this morning!!

@jayleno @KellyClarksonTV It looks like you haven't been on here in a long time but I'd like to say you are the best! I've enjoyed watching you