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@jayleno @nbc Awe.. just watched an old Carson clip w/her & you’re a guest on the couch 🥰🥰

@jayleno @nbc Hey did you know my ex step dad Carl from Burlington MA? I believe before he died he said he knew you. That would be neat if you did?

@jayleno @nbc Betty White was awesome and she will go down in the history books as one of the coolest women to have lived.

@jayleno @nbc She is a legend! She’ll a legend who will be missed but not forgotten!🙏🏼🙏🏼

@jayleno @nbc A quick piece of a fun skit between @BettyMWhite with @cher (& that is the #FabulousFlipWilson faced up against the wall over there…) from the #SonnyAndCher show 1976, I think… This is EPIC classic TV gold RIGHT here! Thank you #BettyWhite and you too #Cher for all the 💙 & 🤣

@jayleno @nbc When are you gonna get @stutteringjohnm some opportunities in Hollywood? Everything he did for you the least you can do is get him on a roast as a head writer. At the very least help him find Jerry Mander!

@jayleno @nbc We all know what she was the queen of and she is not to be celebrated 🤮🤮