Back at @KellyClarksonTV tomorrow for more fun! Tune in!

@jayleno @KellyClarksonTV Remember making fun of me 20 years ago when my house caught on fire? I had to jump onto a trampoline? Lost my childhood cat in that fire. You had the world laughing at me.

@jayleno @KellyClarksonTV Get well soon, but yeah- can’t help but think Gavin Newsom was right when he said the fire wouldn’t have happened if you were tinkering w/ an electric car 🚗

@jayleno @KellyClarksonTV Prayers for a quick recovery. Que te recuperes pronto de tus quemaduras Jay 🙏🙏

@jayleno @KellyClarksonTV I hope you get well soon from your mishap... ❤️

@BillyBadBirrd @jayleno @KellyClarksonTV Fire can still happen with electric card, but you might have more time to exit the car in this case :-) (and not get splashed with petrol)

@jayleno @KellyClarksonTV Hope you're ok, heard you had an accident while working on one of your cars.

@jayleno @KellyClarksonTV The country needs a comedian to be funny. Come back Jay. Make a YouTube show. Plz