This week on the podcast I sit down with @selenagomez to discuss her battle with mental health and so much more ❤️ Full talk right here 👉

@jayshetty @selenagomez she’s honestly the best human being on this planet 😍💗

@jayshetty @selenagomez Going to listen to it right now!!! Selena you look gorgeous!

@SMG1992x @jayshetty @selenagomez i don’t think she’s a very kind person -

@jayshetty @selenagomez She’s so fake. So over the tears and hiding behind mental health to explain her terrible behavior. I struggle too but am not horrible to my friends or berate them online. Not watching.

@Music_Maniac_19 @jayshetty @selenagomez Nobody cares if you're watching or not! Here's a fact, YOU don't know anything about her except from what you're being fed online. I repeat, Online!!! Funny how people like you tend to judge so hurriedly.