What’s the best TV/film “companion” podcast ever and why?

@teflonfife @jodyavirgan This. Great insights into the production and how much was historically accurate. I looked forward to the podcast episodes almost as much as the show itself.

@jodyavirgan @fleabagpodcast because @fleabag is the best TV show ever and these lovely ladies are equally brilliant and funny

@jodyavirgan My knowledge isn’t deep enough to be definitive, but West Wing Weekly is amazing because it balances Josh Malina’s insider info/goofiness with Hrishikesh Hirway’s deep research and podcast hosting chops

@jodyavirgan The West Wing Weekly. It had a great mix of entertainment and education on some of the subjects broached on the series. Plus there was a killer original song by Lin-Manuel Miranda made for the podcast!

@MikeSpangenberg @jodyavirgan Don't worry about your knowledge. @WestWingWeekly is the right answer

@TheRealMambo Finally someone gives me the answer I was fishing for all along!