Super Sky Point to 2-time All-Star and 2-time World Series champ Ray Fosse. The man silently battled cancer for 16 years, that’s the strength and dignity he possessed. #RIP

@Super70sSports Bummer. Listened to many an Oakland A's game he called. Bay Area legend. RIP

@Super70sSports Worked as color commentator alongside all-time greats like Bill King, Lon Simmons and Greg Papa. In fact, he inducted King and Simmons into the baseball HOF. Not many have ever introduced 2 of their broadcast partners at the ceremony.

@johndestes @Super70sSports Please don’t put Papa in the same breath as Simmons and especially King. He’s nowhere near them in talent.

@DinoL1313 @Super70sSports You came all the way down here to shade Greg Papa in a Ray Fosse RIP thread? Bro, that's dedication.😂

@johndestes @Super70sSports All the way down where? It’s the second comment in the thread and it true