Who’s ready for @NBCTheVoice tonight? #TeamLegend @ArianaGrande

@johnlegend @NBCTheVoice @ArianaGrande It’s not live for the west coast. So… 🤷🏾‍♀️

@Nikkita_Howard @johnlegend @NBCTheVoice @ArianaGrande The auditions are not live for anyone...these were recorded months ago

@johnlegend @NBCTheVoice @ArianaGrande Not sure I can watch it in France but I'm certain it'll be fun :))

@johnlegend @NBCTheVoice @ArianaGrande So much fun watching last night. But I have to say Ariana was a bit over the top. We miss Nick Jonas.

@johnlegend @NBCTheVoice @ArianaGrande i cant watch it till it streams tomorrow but im ready

@gr4ndeb4by @johnlegend @NBCTheVoice @ArianaGrande We are in the same boat. Lol I loved that episode. @ArianaGrande killed it. 🔥 but we all knew she would. ❤