My brothers. 🙏🏻 @djkhaled @Timbaland @THEREALSWIZZZ

@jtimberlake @djkhaled @Timbaland @THEREALSWIZZZ The Zionist settlers are very racist! They enjoy watching the bombing of Gaza and the killing of innocent women and children, because they enjoy watching these scenes! #FreePalestine

@jtimberlake @djkhaled @Timbaland @THEREALSWIZZZ Shiba ☁️ 🌑 ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ 🚀 ☁️ * ☁️ * ☁️ * * * * * 💥 🌎 🚀🚀🚀lets go! #shiba #shib #shibaSwap @shibaturkish

@jtimberlake @djkhaled @Timbaland @THEREALSWIZZZ Where there is persecution, neutrality is dishonor. Israel bombed Palestine and 21 people died, including 15 children. Publicize Israel's persecution of the Palestinian people in the name of humanity. #AksadaBaskınVar #AlAqsaMosque #المسجد_الأقصى

@jtimberlake @djkhaled @Timbaland @THEREALSWIZZZ Today there is a genocide in Palestine. We should not support this genocide by remaining silent. Please, stop to genocide in 2021. #HopeToGaza