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@jtimberlake @djkhaled Israeli attacks on the Palestinians are against international law and basic morality and must come to an immediate end. We urge the world to take action now to stop the new waves of Israeli aggression. #GazaUnderAttack #GenocideinGaza

@jtimberlake @djkhaled Israel has displaced civilians since 1917. It's committing massacres in lands that do not belong to it. Children are MURDERED in Gaza! Because they cannot defend their homeland. Because the world is silent! Do not be silent to this massacre! #GenocideinGaza #hearGaza

@jtimberlake @djkhaled Innocent people die in Gaza. Israel keeps innocent people under attack. Please help us make our voices heard to the whole world. #GenocideinGaza #GazaUnderAttackk

@bbgl_53 @jtimberlake @djkhaled Violation des droits de l'homme, vol de terre, occupation militaire, bombardement, nettoyage ethnique ... Ne crieras-tu pas la terreur israélienne au monde? #HearGaza #GenocideinGaza

@jtimberlake @djkhaled George Floyd was become a symbol of the persecution against the black people by saying I can’t breath. Much worse it is now taking place in Gaza. However, the world continues to be a spectator. I am inviting you @jtimberlake to be a voice of those oppressed people. #HearGaza

@Emine344799 @jtimberlake @djkhaled They cannot breath since 1948. You @jtimberlake can be a breath for them by taking action. Please, do not ignore. #HearGaza

@jtimberlake @djkhaled Civilians are being killed irresponsibly in Palestine, those who have to control this business are silent, if we don't talk now, when will we speak as humanity? #HearGaze

@jtimberlake @djkhaled 2 days ago, Ahmed Mansi from Gaza recorded this vlog to distract his daughters from the Israeli air strikes, the next day he was killed by the very same airstrikes, leaving behind 3 children. This was his final vlog for the world to see.