I need to know if @jtimberlake was as shocked at that finale as the rest of us 😳 #CruelSummer @cruelsummer @JessicaBiel

@jtimberlake Justin please im dying from a rare disease and the only cure is you releasing Roller on spotify

@jtimberlake I hope there's a post on Sunday with a pic of Phineas, your fans are waiting for this moment 😂

@jtimberlake Please do a remake of The John Lennon song whatever gets you through the night, as a duet with jimmy Fallon

@TimberBielPics @jtimberlake Saw first concert Dallas 2000 with the kids, sat behind the damn stage drop..lol. Attended every tour thru to kickbutt row 9 seats in Sheffield England 2014. 🇬🇧 Wife and I enjoyed every concert. Thank you.