15 years ago today, I released my 2nd album… FutureSex/LoveSounds. This album changed my life. Every album is a different chapter and special to me but, this one?? I don’t even know if I have the words. ⁣

I’m often asked what my favorite song on the album is but they’re all my babies so I can’t pick.

@jtimberlake This album was a game changer for all of us...wait hold up 15 years? That's not right cause I was 24 when that album drop and *counts on my hand* OMG it has been 15 years! *passes out* Those songs kept up with each year...congrats and umm when is the next album coming out?

@jtimberlake My favourite album. It changed my life too. It's hard to explain right???! I don't have the words either. It just hit me differently❤

@jtimberlake The IMPACT of this album... it's responsible for some of my fave JT Tracks of all time. Happy 15th FS/LS! 🥳❤️ SO STOKED for #JT6

@nuriaagonzalez @jtimberlake I love the title track 'Sexyback' very much, its like a phenomenon breakthrough for JT after a hiatus or kinda plateau in the his career, as a sign of renewed success in his latter part of his career, if my I say so? #justwondering #3cheersforJustin #GodBless