15 years ago today, I released my 2nd album… FutureSex/LoveSounds. This album changed my life. Every album is a different chapter and special to me but, this one?? I don’t even know if I have the words. ⁣

I’m often asked what my favorite song on the album is but they’re all my babies so I can’t pick.

@jtimberlake okay so if you can't pick which song..what about which video was you fav to make?

@jtimberlake I thought you're favorite song was "Dick In A Box" 😂😂

@Candypooh It’s hard to pick that one too!!! Making What Goes Around was amazing because I got to make a true short film BUT, I did get to shoot SexyBack in Barcelona and that is hard to beat!! 2006 video budget hits DIFFERENT.

@jtimberlake It’s hard for me to dicied but I did make this tiktok of my favorite Songs by you

@jtimberlake I used to like your work. After the #FreeBritney doc and what you did with Janet I can only feel disgusted about you.

@miiheiko @jtimberlake Those mistakes happened before this album was released. I hope that puts into perspective how old and irrelevant those mistakes are now.