@jtimberlake Summer love will forever be the jam 💃🏼

@jtimberlake We’re in the middle of a climate & global health crisis, Justin. We don’t have time for this. But also, yes, summer love.

@jtimberlake I want to live the best era of your career with jt6.. Don't let us down like you did with Motw, people want acclaim and top hits

@jtimberlake Summer love is so underrated it drives me mad. Can never skip it, I've heard so many versions of it. But it just hits right everytime!! Happy Birthday to future sex/lovesound ❤️ I can't wait to hear more please I can't wait anymore 😂😩😭. Also futuresex/lovesound is my anthem!!

@jtimberlake Could Nigeria 🇳🇬 become the first curling team from Africa to compete at a Winter Olympics? 🥌 Find out how @CurlingNigeria are preparing for #Beijing2022, despite having no access to ice... @worldcurling | @NigeriaOlympic…

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