Sometimes you stumble across the Twitter account of a prosecutor who has handled a few high profile J6 cases and the activity on his account proves he’s a Trump-hating leftist. More shortly.

Here we go: AUSA Michael Gordon is on loan from Florida tasked to DC US attorney’s office to prosecute Jan 6 criminal cases. He’s handled some high profile defendants including Richard Barnett and Kyle Fitzsimons.

I’ll post here a series of tweets that Gordon has “liked” to show his political bias. No commentary necessary, you can draw your own conclusions

The mob wasn’t deadly but why let facts get in the way of a good prosecution

And I did not search for Gordon. He follows me and last year posted a tweet confirming he’s prosecuting J6 cases.…

@julie_kelly2 Just imagine if a MAGA Citizen Journalism Army undertook a crowd-sourced investigation into EVERY federal prosecutor handling J6 cases. 🤔

@julie_kelly2 Psycho Mike Gordon asked for 87 months (7+ years prison) for 23 year old female Riley Williams. Gordon days she “listened to Nick Fuentes every morning” and “shared memes about the stolen election” in his sentencing memo. He alleges Jan 6 was domestic terrorism!…

@julie_kelly2 This is out of control. It is way worse and more corrupt than I could ever have imagined.