@justinbieber dude how was Red Eye not on the original album it slaps harder than everything else

@justinbieber As i said before, i knew from the beginning that this would happen. i was just so happy that i liked it even a little bit ✨ I’m glad i met u 😊💛✨ Thank u for all the beautiful and wonderful dreams(memories) and the wonderful music ⭐️✨

@justinbieber Thank u for all the love 😊💛💗✨ It was really fun 😉✨ It was a lot of pain, but the time i spent with u was a best moment for me 😌✨ It was a really great experience 🌙🌕✨

@justinbieber If I'm being honest this is my favorite Justin Bieber Album. I had to listen to them all to come to that conclusion. ❤