Go for the Gold, Ladies!!!!!! Cannot wait to watch some of the best hockey ever!!! We are so proud of you! @HockeyCanada

@justinbieber @HockeyCanada Officially starting a "use @justinbieber songs in hockey tweets" thread. Suggestions welcome 👇

@GretaThunberg please share this with the world. A terrific ecological and humanitarian disaster is in the middle of Europe. Please, call for a ban on gas and oil imports from Russia. Isolate Russian murderers! #StopPutin

Music video and my first NFT drop with @ZombieZooArt coming piko! ZZKくんとコラボしたミュージックビデオを作りましたピ! そして、ピコ太郎が初めてNFTを出しちゃいますピコ! pikozoo.op3n.world 楽しみにしてピ! #pikozoo

@justinbieber @HockeyCanada Hi Justine^_^ We are M.S.C Creative Management. We are Musician Team in Japan. Please Watching Our Video. STREET FIGHTERⅡ~Theme of Ryu~ youtube.com/watch?v=X2n2m6…

@justinbieber @HockeyCanada Hope you get better soon. 🙏 Life can throw us curve balls but someone always has it worse.

@justinbieber @HockeyCanada I'm praying for you Justin Bieber. I'm praying because that's what Christians do. We hold one another up in prayer, and we care when we see someone suffering, whether they're Christian or not. I know you love Jesus. He's with you. Hold on to Him. He's got you.

@justinbieber @HockeyCanada @justinbieber Hi Justin, you should contact @P_McCulloughMD to see if your recent illness,as well as that of your wife could have been triggered by the shot. I am very sorry you were impacted, but you should use your voice to bring attention to this issue. @extratv @chartdata