Liam Neeson was asked if he'd appear in a spin-off starring his character Qui-Gon Jinn, quickly answering no and that "There's so many spin-offs of Star Wars. It's diluting it to me, and it's taken away the mystery and the magic in a weird way."

@IGN Disagree. I think the strongest Star Wars in the past ten years has been the spinoffs. Rogue One, Mandalorian and Andor are just too good.

@GeekZugdar @IGN Where do you rank Kenobi on this? I've been struggling to get through it. That said I loved Rogue One and Mandalorian, and Book of Boba Fett. Haven't gotten around to Andor yet.

@justindemuro @IGN In the middle. Too safe for something interesting or surprising, but nothing that tuned me out. I find most prequels tend to be fan service heavy and lack suspense due to plot armor, which is why Solo was "meh" for me.

@GeekZugdar @IGN Agreed on Solo. It was pure fanservice and took all the mythology presented for Han from the original trilogy, compressed it into a time period of I dunno a week or so? And removed all excitement and mystique about it. I don't consider it canon personally.