Another major ­čĆí announcement for the Quebec City region! Today, over $70 million was announced for 8 housing projects in Quebec City and L├ęvis to create a better future for generations to come.ÔÇŽ

@jyduclos @SeanFraserMP Well..... you do have to over support your only voting base that you have left ....correct....

@jyduclos @SeanFraserMP So Canada owns the homes? Purpose built? Hmmm what could that possibly mean? What would one cost to rent?

@jyduclos @JustinTrudeau @SeanFraserMP ­čľĽ­čĆ╝­čľĽ­čĆ╝­čľĽ­čĆ╝­čľĽ­čĆ╝

@jyduclos @SeanFraserMP Amazing ­čĄę The Bloc payoff Continues ! Well Done ­čĹŹ.

@jyduclos @SeanFraserMP And now we know how JT got the BQ to vote with him ­čÖä