dang #CarlSagan the prophet, an excerpt from his book from 1995:

@katyperry @Saganism_ i think i speak for all of us when i say we do not care

@katyperry @Saganism_ i aint reading all that but so happy for u… or sorry that it happened…

@katyperry @Saganism_ What a wise man. He has changed so many lives and is still continuing to do so long after his death. We need more Carl Sagan’s in this world. Thank you @katyperry for sharing this!

@AdrianPerez014 @katyperry @Saganism_ @SashaSagan He was such a great man. They don't make 'em like they do now. Our scientists today never have balls to say anything of significant risk-taking like he would.

@katyperry @ArnoWellens @Saganism_ At least there's something both sides of this polarized world can agree on. People have lost the ability to discern truth in a sea of information. But honesty.. I don't think this is new, it's just that the veil is being lifted.

@FeenstraNiels @katyperry @ArnoWellens @Saganism_ There is legitimately much more raw information available to people now, so it's a new twist on an old problem.