#TheTeenageDream is not what it used to be. Watch our PSA, a new version of @katyperry’s song “Teenage Dream.” ** This video contains sensitive content related to gun violence that may be triggering for some viewers. ** sandyhookpromise.org/teenagedream #ProtectOurKids #SandyHookPromise

For too many kids, The Teenage Dream is shattered by school shootings. Gun violence shouldn’t be part of growing up. Please share this important PSA from @sandyhook #TheTeenageDream 💔 twitter.com/sandyhook/stat…

@katyperry @sandyhook Yass my political queen. Keep speaking out about the injustice in the world. We love you Katy ☺️💜

@katyperry @sandyhook I'm so glad I live in a country where guns aren't common place... This is a heart wrenching video to watch.

@katyperry @sandyhook The USA has had 57 times more school shootings than any other major industrialised country up to 2018. Scotland has had zero since Dunblane n 1996. We have very tight gun laws.