Motherhood lessons w/ @Oprah & @GayleKing: - Ostriches are shaped different than babies - Yrs of burrito eating will be good prep 🌯 - U have to brush their teeth even if they get new ones later 🦷 I promise itll all make sense (good luck @kirbybump) 👼…

@katyperry @Oprah @GayleKing @kirbybump 3 months and imma be rolling my baby like a burrito too, I can’t wait!

@katyperry @GayleKing @kirbybump Thank you Daisy Dove’s mom for a fun afternoon! Now I’m well-versed on baby teeth 🤣

@Kyleejoys @katyperry @Oprah @GayleKing @kirbybump Omg im so happy for you, ur gonna be an amazing mama 💗 love you so much 💖