.@katyperry's received 648k streams on Spotify this Monday.🌺 Coming for a new peak! 🌴

@katyperry tell your team to give more playlisting to harleys in hawaii

@katyperry not you promissing that you were going to post the you and iiiiiiii challenge and disappeared

@katyperry hope u like this mom, ive been katycat for a long time (since 2010) and I hope you can see this 🥺♥️ more on instagram: dear.katheryn

@katyperry Katy! Can u & your team/label start promoting HiH? This song is very close to enter Spotify Global 200!! HiH really gets a 2nd chance to become a smash-hit! Pls don't waste it! Record a potty jams, do a tv performance, add HIH on spotify playlists, sent it to radios🙏