Our freedom to vote is on the line, and so are their futures. Thank you to the brave young people of @LetsUnpac on Day 11 of a #HungerStrike4Democracy. @POTUS, please help make sure the #FreedomToVoteAct passes this year! 👉🏾 HungerStrike4democracy.org

@kerrywashington @LetsUnpac @POTUS No one is taking away the ability to vote, and there is no discrimation in the way votes are done. But regulation are State based. WY has different issues than GA or NY.

@kerrywashington @LetsUnpac @POTUS What’s wrong with young people simply protesting with signs without putting their lives and health on the line for a dramatic statement. Starvation techniques are cultish and can cause permanent bodily harm and really don’t add more visibility, just torture.

@kerrywashington @LetsUnpac @POTUS Ya’ll outta be RT’ing the hell out of this … all my followers.

@AdrianeVillano @kerrywashington @LetsUnpac @POTUS The same as we don’t want anyone dictating to our women and their bodies. Don’t dictate to the young people and their choice.