A warning: A doctor called coronavirus vaccines 'fake.' Now he sits on an Idaho regional health board. wapo.st/3Cs4LJv

@kylegriffin1 Good luck Idaho!! Soon you will be competing with Florida in number of COVID deaths.

@kylegriffin1 How do these people keep their medical licenses?

@TrevorKinzer @kylegriffin1 Where did you hear that? They are having to triage and ration care.

@kylegriffin1 He's from Idaho... besides potatoes and some really awesome people - Idaho is known for its crazy radicalized mountain men. He must be one of them.

@kylegriffin1 The same Idaho with overrun hospitals and shipping their Covid-19 filled citizens to other states? That one?

@TC40219 @kylegriffin1 I’m telling you. It’s bad. They’re taking over local health boards. They’re taking over school boards. They’re taking over local electoral systems. It makes me sound crazy but I really feel like MAGA is digging it’s heels in

@melbelle66 @kylegriffin1 Maybe the American Medical Society needs to be contacted about this guy. Name,rank and hospital + any hardcopy or other evidence. Pass it on freely or anonymously.

@cindyluuwho61 @kylegriffin1 I grew up in Idaho, back then it was not crazy, just boring.

@MariaEl30119146 @kylegriffin1 Definitely not a contest we want to win here.