Los Angeles County is requiring that guests attending large events like outdoor concerts and ballgames show proof of vaccination or a negative Covid-19 test from the past 72 hours, saying the change is needed to coax residents into getting their shots. bloom.bg/2Xpjhmp

@kylegriffin1 Texans and Floridians, have you considered staycations?

@kylegriffin1 Two shot spaced out or a giant pool cue up your nose every two days... ...what a world.

@Dezarath @kylegriffin1 Cut the shit... Testing is a breeze if you don't wanna get the shot.

@kylegriffin1 I’m going to Seattle tomorrow for a two-week project and staying with friends who are vaccinated. I made sure to get a COVID test yesterday (negative) and will proudly show my Moderna vaccination card to anyone who wants or needs to see it.

@Gilko2CRobz @kylegriffin1 Love you are so prepared. Welcome to Seattle!

@kylegriffin1 Eva Bailey, one of the longest living heart transplant patients, died last week - of #COVID19 complications. The vaccine should be mandatory. #GetVaccinated

@kylegriffin1 These places don't check. I went to an event at a stadium requiring these. We walked right in with no one checking.

@1millennialdad @kylegriffin1 “Large outdoor venues will need to comply by Oct. 7”. You a time traveler?

@JerseyCoolOne @kylegriffin1 I believe she was vaccinated and had an underlying condition or maybe it was fluid around heart. Where did you hear not vaccinated