WASHINGTON (AP) -- FDA advisory panel endorses COVID-19 booster shots only for Americans 65 and over or at high risk for severe disease.

@kylegriffin1 So that’s basically 90% of Americans

@kylegriffin1 Ok? So what about health care workers?

@kylegriffin1 So what about us healthcare workers? Would be nice if we could get the extra protection also, especially since we actually take care of covid patients...

@kylegriffin1 Really can't understand how medically it is ok to say people who have lived 23,725 days you can get the shot, but 23,724 sorry!

@Aly_Dar8 @kylegriffin1 Healthcare and frontline workers are part of the "at-risk" groups being considered.

@Dillroast @kylegriffin1 But you can understand how people can't buy liquor til day 7665 passes lmao