CREW has sent a letter to Speaker Pelosi and Kevin McCarthy: Republican Madison Cawthorn should be stripped of his committee assignments "following his recent statements calling for violence and undermining our democracy."

@kylegriffin1 Actually, think he should be stripped of his seat for these actions. Others, too.

@kylegriffin1 Where’s The Proof of a rigged election? WTP

@kylegriffin1 Kevin McCarthy defends fellow traitors, he doesn't strip them of commite assignments. #Cawthorn

@kylegriffin1 Serious question: does anything every come of a CREW letter or referral? Is there any bite behind their bark?

@KitMuhs @kylegriffin1 Many of us in his district agree that he should be stipped of his seat. Sadly some still consider him their hero. Hopefully in '22 the former will prevail over the latter.

@KatherineAzaro @kylegriffin1 Good question. I believe they do file lawsuits. Certainly they do the legwork of ferreting out documentation.

@KathySison4 @kylegriffin1 MTG has already been stripped of her committee assignments.