Our new album “Love For Sale” is only 3 days away! 🎺❤️ A full album trailer is out now on my YouTube channel and features a few clips of new songs on the album and some special moments between Tony and me 🥰 @itstonybennett youtu.be/NnZgi7Sm3YU

@gagadaily @oceanusskkrttt @ladygaga @itstonybennett she really wants this #1. with all the vinyls we can do this guys!

@ladygaga @itstonybennett I've always enjoyed NOFXs use of jazz. But it's a pretty grating form of music. Just incrementally louder trills until a crescendo of awful, most of the time.

@OddDuckAntiques @ladygaga @itstonybennett "If you have to ask what jazz is, you'll never know." - Louis Armstrong