In case you weren’t able to tune in to my performance online or at a Westfield fan zone yesterday, it’s available to watch now on YouTube! 😊 Thank you for celebrating #LoveForSale with me 🎹✨

@ladygaga make better music or i’m unfollowing

@ladygaga now please switch accounts back to haus labs and like my reply, ilyssm

@ladygaga Thank you Gaga. But i have a question. Will you be sad and disappointed if Love For Sale doesn't go #1 ? I know we all want it to go #1 but what if it doesn't i'm worried we don't wanna disappoint you again 😔

@godofchromatica @ladygaga Hey there big fan of lady Gaga. Sadly i missed out on being followed back 2016 - 2019 due to battling #mentalillness she is my hero. I’d be so incredibly grateful for her follow. Do you mind helping me?

@punknblues @ladygaga I believe this album will hit #1 on the Jazz category 😆