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@ladygaga @BNBuzz @itstonybennett @ladygaga Hi Gaga. Im turkish little monster since 2008. You're my soul and love. You're my everything.. Please follow me my mom #KeaDrive #MOSquad #ladygaga                   #HouseofGucci #Chromatica #loveforsale #BeKind21           #FirstListenGagaBennett

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@ladygaga @BNBuzz @itstonybennett What is the square thing at the very front? Is it a book?

@justAGirlGx @ladygaga @BNBuzz @itstonybennett It’s a B&N exclusive vinyl box set that includes the Love For Sale vinyl, Cheek to Cheek Vinyl, Gaga/Tony Slipmat and a Gaga/Tony Vinyl Cleaning Cloth 😄