51 shades of Triclone Skin Tech Foundation…find your match with our quiz at hauslabs.com

@mikeonreplay The talc-free bio-blurring powder is also MY FAVORITE. Doesn’t sting or smell and has a major blurring and setting finish

@ladygaga that's the one i'm most excited about! since i don't use that much foundation

@ladygaga @mikeonreplay I can’t wait to try it omg which shade is your fave? I got translucent

@ladygaga @mikeonreplay That’s honestly just what I need for my face rn, my skin is so sensitive

@ladygaga @mikeonreplay When buying powder, how do you know what shade to pick? Is it better to go lighter or darker than the foundation? 💚

@ladygaga @mikeonreplay Oh I'm so happy to see these new products. I'm going to order the setting powder as soon as I get back from vacation... I personally prefer powders so much. Thanks @ladygaga and @hauslabs 🥰