My team at @hauslabs and I worked closely with a powerhouse of industry experts and more than 400 models to create a true breakthrough in clean artistry makeup rooted in product innovation and performance.

I hope you feel and see the immense amount of work that went into the shade formulations in the Foundation. I'm excited for you to meet your match! Triclone Skin Tech Foundation Available now @hauslabs @Sephora

@ladygaga @hauslabs @Sephora Mother what if I ordered the wrong shade even if I did the test?🥲

@ladygaga @hauslabs @Sephora Apple iSpeech new Invention: just like google translate but it will be a mouthpiece hooked to a mask to convert any language in the world. Your iphone & iwatch both control your tone setting, music, & language while your dre beats can convert up to 2 languages in the background