Wearing this foundation is like giving your skin a big hug 🫶 Triclone Skin Tech Foundation has been @ladygaga’s red carpet + photo shoot foundation for years!

@hauslabs @ladygaga Wait, she has been wearing the Triclone Skin Tech Foundation for years?? 😱😱 I’m impressed!!! You have been keeping this secret for a long time 👀

@ari_joanne @hauslabs We’ve been developing, improving and innovating it for years and testing it on me on red carpets, stage, and photo shoots…it was a real work of art made for you! ❤️❤️❤️

@ladygaga @ari_joanne @hauslabs we are so grateful that you share this with us, showing your hard work and love into this foundation but whole hauslabs ♥️

@ladygaga @ari_joanne @hauslabs me & @dnceinthdark wanted to buy the lip oils on tour so bad but since it’s us only we couldn’t :( europe when 😌💕

@ladygaga @ari_joanne @hauslabs Wait, ALL THIS TIME ON RED CARPETS WAS SHE USING THE NEW HAUSLABS FOUNDATION? @ladygaga WHAT PLAY WAS THAT???😭😭😭🔥🛐 You looked so absurdly beautiful in all these events!

@ladygaga @ari_joanne @hauslabs @ladygaga Hi Gaga. Im turkish little monster since 2008. You're my soul and love. You're my everything.. Please follow me my mom #KeaDrive #MOSquad #ladygaga                                                  #Joker2     #Chromatica   #Chromaticaball