Hi @ladygaga! Let me be your enigma? 🥹

Wearing all new @hauslabs I’m absolutely in love and recommend 10/10! 😍 I literally only live and breath Haus Labs 😭💜💜 @ladygaga

@ladygaga The way you motivate me in my day to day is something too amazing! Every time you interact with me, it's like all my insecurities go away, if my idol noticed me, what else could shake me? I know it sounds crazy, but thank u for motivating me to be who I am the way u do for me. 🥹

@ladygaga @judenewland611 @hauslabs i don’t have my paws on the triclone foundation (yet) but can we take a second to appreciate the atomic lip shake lacquer!? this stayed put all night 😍

@ladygaga @judenewland611 @hauslabs simply perfect! wow so excited to try🙈💚

@ladygaga @judenewland611 @hauslabs Gaga stops writing like that out of the blue I don't think we can take so many heart attacks

@ladygaga @judenewland611 @hauslabs @ladygaga Hi Gaga. Im turkish little monster since 2008. You're my soul and love. You're my everything.. Please follow me my mom #KeaDrive #MOSquad #ladygaga                                                  #Joker2     #Chromatica   #Chromaticaball