don't delete you should say it @ladygaga

@wbkgaga I spoke my truth on that stage, I love you that’s all 🖤

@ladygaga @wbkgaga I know things can be hard. But we are In this together, standing by together staying strong, everything will be ok @ladygaga I promise it will get better soon trust me ⚔️🥺♥️🥹🥰

@ladygaga @wbkgaga You would end his life if yiu kept that tweet 😭😭😭love you Gaga

@ladygaga Mother monster protecting us like she always has/will ❤️

@ladygaga I am so goddamn proud of you baby you're my bad bitch forever, we heard you 💓 thank you for houston hope we made you feel that love for the show you could complete

@ladygaga @ladygaganownet @wbkgaga Love you forever gaga. chromatica will never be over, and LM’ll always remember us this way.

@ladygaga @ladygaganownet @wbkgaga I love you Gaga! I admire you and respect you. You really are our Mother Monster. 💖

@ladygaga @wbkgaga no one blames you for canceling the show we know you did the right thinf

@ladygaga @wbkgaga @ladygaga we would be so strong if you knew and forever ❤️ I saw your videos on Insta, you made me cry. 😥 I give you and your team all my support. 💗 I think of you, you are strong. We are with you and we love you. I hope you will read me @ladygaga @hauslabs

@ladygaga wait watch this too I made it with a lot of love @ladygaga miss you bad

@ladygaga @wbkgaga Gaga that's great to say, deleted or not. Your wise and smart and you put everyone first! We need more performers like you #pawsupforever