@ladygaga me and my little monster friends are the ones who found out that lady gaga chromatic ball will continue #LadyGaga #ChromaticaBall #Chromatica #FIFAWorldCup #joker2 #KeaDrive #MOSquad

@ladygaga E a gravação mulher vai liberar quando?

@ladygaga the dusseldorf date on the longsleeve is wrong tho 🥺👀

@ladygaga Hello Lady Gaga my name is Jose and I am a very big fan and I will not stop living my life in your honor I have many wishes and blessings to give you always and pray for you and your beautiful family every night. May god bless you always Lady Gaga

@ladygaga come back to us mother, your children miss you!

@ladygaga According to the international protocols, using #nervous_gas , what is going on in #Javanrud , is a clear example of war crime. Hereby, we request all related international organizations and communities to stand with Iranian people based on# R2P Law.#R2PforIran #MahsaAmini